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New Product Registration Capabilities in RightNow February ’09 Drives Top Notch Customer Care

Latest On Demand CRM from RightNow Includes Fully Integrated, Self Service Product Registration to Help Companies Deliver Great Customer Experiences
  • 24 February, 2009 07:01

<p>SYDNEY – February 24, 2009 – RightNow Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW) today released the latest version of its on demand customer relationship management (CRM) solution, RightNow February ’09, which includes new product registration capabilities.</p>
<p>The Internet Continues to Drive Consumers Directly to Manufacturers for Customer Service</p>
<p>The Internet has created massive changes in the way consumers buy, whether it’s an outdoor grill or a digital camera. As a result, consumers are now going directly to manufacturers for service and support. A decade ago, manufacturers had little interaction with the end consumer, instead relying on experts at a local store who could tell consumers everything they needed to know about any product on the shelf. Now customers have a direct line to the name on the label, and they expect the manufacturer to be ready to provide information whenever they want it.</p>
<p>“In the past, customers would go back to their local camera store to learn how to use their camera,” explains David Dentry, general manager of technical support at Nikon. “Now most of the larger retailers don’t do that, so consumers come to us directly and we need to be prepared to help them.”</p>
<p>February ’09 Product Registration Capabilities Enables Optimal Service Delivery</p>
<p>Manufacturers, faced with the new role of providing customer service and support, are looking for ways to understand and engage with their customers. Product registration information helps them get to know customers and serve them more effectively.</p>
<p>“Product registration information is the first step in understanding our customers,” said Maryellen Abreu, director of iRobot's global technical support, “and knowing our customers, specifically what products they have purchased, is important to customer retention. We can build more robots, but we can't manufacture more customers. Customer retention is absolutely critical.”</p>
<p>With the product registration capabilities in February ’09, companies can:</p>
<p>· empower customers to take the first step towards a better service experience;</p>
<p>· gain a better understanding of customers and their buying behaviour;
· build a personalised relationship with customers;</p>
<p>· gather critical feedback to fuel future product development;</p>
<p>· proactively communicate relevant sales offers such as warranties,
accessories, and upgrade offers based on the products customers currently own; and ultimately,</p>
<p>· increase brand loyalty.</p>
<p>Consumers directly benefit from the product registration capabilities in February ’09, as well. For example, consumers can:</p>
<p>· easily find the information they are looking for based on the products they’ve registered;</p>
<p>· create service requests with a single click that will pre-populate the incident with product information; and</p>
<p>· view a consolidated list of all products registered.</p>
<p>“The new product registration capabilities in February ‘09 make seamless and direct communications between manufacturers and the end consumer easier,” said Brett Waters, Vice President Asia Pacific – South, RightNow Technologies.</p>
<p>“This helps our clients get a better understanding of their customers and what they are buying, creating a foundation for better, long term relationships that bring returns to the bottom line. RightNow February ’09 helps companies take their brand loyalty to the next level, one customer interaction at a time.”</p>
<p>Click here for a demonstration of the new product registration capabilities.</p>
<p>About RightNow Technologies</p>
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