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Europe’s most successful collector coin direct marketer increases monthly telesales revenue by 75% using Portrait Software

Samlerhuset Group to implement Portrait Campaign Manager (Marketing Automation Software) in Seven Additional European Countries
  • 10 September, 2009 09:27

<p>Portrait Software, a leading provider of insight-driven customer interaction software, has been selected by Samlerhuset to provide Portrait Campaign Manager (PCM) throughout its European operations. The software’s proven capability, functionality and return on investment in the Norwegian operation were key to winning the additional contract in May this year.</p>
<p>“We needed a solution that would enable all of our operations to engage with customers on an individual basis during the sales cycle, throughout the order confirmation process and when dealing with any returns. The powerful dialog framework within Portrait Campaign Manager enables us to handle even the most complex multi-step personalized communications across multiple channels (email, telephone and web),” said Wilhelm Falck, Business Intelligence Director, Samlerhuset, Norway. “Since implementation our monthly turnover, through the telemarketing channel alone, increased by 80% and we are looking to see similar returns in our other European operations,” he added.</p>
<p>Samlerhuset in Norway has been using PCM since July 2007 to automate the sales, order processing and returns procedure and, as a result, has increased monthly sales revenues, improved customer service levels and reduced the number of returns. Average turnover per month through telemarketing has increased by 80% and completely new, incremental revenue streams have been generated through cross sell and up sell during the order confirmation process. The successes achieved here were key to the decision by the Samlerhuset Group to implement PCM at its other European locations in the Netherlands, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark and Sweden.</p>
<p>“We are delighted that Samlerhuset, Norway is achieving such incremental benefits on a monthly basis and that they have decided to roll-out Portrait Campaign Manager to their other European operations,” said Kieran Kilmartin, Group Marketing Director, Portrait Software. “The integrated multi-channel marketing functionality, together with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for creating customer dialogs will enable the other Samlerhuset operations to ensure that the right message reaches the right customers, via the right channel at the right time. Over and above immediate revenue gains, in the longer term this leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty and therefore reduced churn,” he added.</p>
<p>The Samlerhuset Group, established in Norway in 1994, has rapidly emerged as the leading distributor of collector coins in Europe. Operating in 12 European countries its objective is to open up the fascinating world of coin collecting to a far wider audience than the traditional numismatist and relies heavily on direct marketing techniques. Marketing automation is therefore key to improving efficiencies and marketing effectiveness.</p>
<p>Portrait Campaign Manager is used to automate monthly telesales campaigns which focus on specific products. Based on customer analysis, PCM creates a highly personalized and relevant sales dialog targeting those customers most likely to buy. The order confirmation process is now automated – advising customers, by email and SMS, when the product has been sent or if it has been delayed. These notifications include specific up sell proposals, and provide a further opportunity for Samlerhuset to up sell or cross sell additional products. As a result this has created incremental monthly revenue streams, previously not realized.</p>
<p>Samlerhuset, Norway is now using Portrait Campaign Manager to automate the customer communication dialog for returned packages. Being able to create customized responses and, in particular, to itemise returns that have a high value will enable Samlerhuset to re-engage with the customer. This provides the opportunity to try to secure the original sale or sell an alternative product and therefore to prevent customer churn. It is estimated that the reduction in returns will lead to additional monthly revenue.</p>
<p>Portrait will initially implement PCM in the Netherlands (Muntenhuis) and the UK (The London Mint Office) with the roll-out to the other European locations later this year.</p>
<p>About Portrait Software</p>
<p>Portrait Software enables organizations to engage with each of their customers as individuals, resulting in improved customer profitability, increased retention, reduced risk, and outstanding customer experiences. This is achieved through a suite of innovative, insight-driven applications which empower organizations to create enduring one-to-one relationships with their customers. The Portrait suite seamlessly integrates the world's most advanced customer analytics, powerful inbound and outbound campaign management, and best-in-class business process integration to drive real time customer interactions that communicate precisely the right message through the right channel, at the right time.</p>
<p>Our 300 + customers include industry-leading organizations in customer-intensive sectors. They include Merrill Lynch, Lloyds Banking Group, US Bank, Dell, Nationwide Building Society, T-Mobile, Telenor, Fingerhut, Bank of Ireland, Bank of Tokyo and Fiserv Bank Solutions.</p>
<p>For more information on Portrait Software, please visit:</p>
<p>About The Samlerhuset Group - Europe's most successful coin direct marketing organisation</p>
<p>Samlerhuset was established in Norway in 1994. It quite rapidly emerged as the leading distributor of collector coins in Europe. The Samlerhuset Group, which operates in 12 European countries (United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Finland, Netherlands, 3 Baltic states operated through Lithuania, Poland, Czech republic) and China was the first privately owned organisation to be allowed ownership of a national mint - owning 50% of the Mint of Norway - and enjoys extremely good relations with all of the major mints around the world, as well as a number of international coordinating bodies such as FIFA and the IOC.</p>

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