Ubuntu founder names 10.04 release

Lucid Lynx to help enterprises move into the cloud

Ubuntu Linux Founder, Mark Shuttleworth

Ubuntu Linux Founder, Mark Shuttleworth

The wraps are coming off the latest version of Ubuntu with creator, Mark Shuttleworth, announcing the name of the next release, Lucid Lynx.

Speaking via video to UbuCon in Atlanta, Shuttleworth said Ubuntu 10.04, which will supersede the 9.04 release, would be a long-term support (LTS) release with support for the desktop for 3 years and for the server for 5 years.

"It has been a very big year in the Ubuntu community and probably the biggest thing for us is the focus that is now starting to come to bear on our next release", he said. "It will effectively be the third LTS release in a row delivered on a two-year cadence."

Shuttleworth said it was testament to the open source community that the Ubuntu project was not only able to release the product on on a six-month cadence, but on a two-year major platform cycle for large organisations that need long term support and predictability for organisational planning.

Lucid Lynx will continue the close relationship with the Debian architecture and infrastructure, he said.

"We have had the opportunity to do some good behind the scenes support with Debian, which is the most important distribution to us. I hope over time that we can broaden that and elevate the art of free software."

The Lucid Lynx name is designed to bring together the aspirational characteristics of Ubuntu – Lucid for clarity and focus, and Lynx as a "thoughtful and considered predator".

On the desktop side, 10.04 will focus on delivering the best of GNOME 2.0. Subsequent releases will focus on the new technologies, architectures and experiences being developed as part of GNOME 3.0.

"On the server side, we’ll be taking the large scale, horizontal scalability, volume deployment, heritage of Debian and really try to push that into cloud computing," Shuttleworth said. "Making sure that 10.04 is a platform for anybody who is building a large scale infrastructure - for anybody who is trying to build the next Facebook, the next Google, the next eBay. Whether you want to start on (Amazon) EC2 and migrate to the managed cloud, Ubuntu 10.0.4 is going to be the platform."

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