Google social media strategy 'absent': Ovum

Google buys eleventh social media company this year

Google’s recent social media asset buy-up lacks a well-defined strategy, according to Ovum analysts Eden Zoller and Neha Dharia.

Google’s purchase of SocialDeck, a social networking site based on gaming, is the latest in a long line of purchases that are “largely fragmented”.

In a statement from Zoller and Dharia, both analysts said Google doesn’t appear to have a clear direction.

“There is value in this, but what Google needs, and what is not yet evident, is a coherent strategy for social networking that pulls together the disjointed pieces of its growing social media portfolio,” the statement said.

The analysts said the lack of a clearly defined social media strategy is perplexing given the ability for the online giant to use its power in other digital media areas.

“Google has proven so adept at harnessing other parts of the digital media value chain, and in areas that are not its traditional core capabilities – notably mobile device platforms, applications, and more recently Internet TV.

“Social networks are important for Google because they have potential capabilities that are at the heart of its overarching strategy: to harness advertising revenues.”

For more information on social networking and how it affects C-level IT executives, take a look at The Social CIO.

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