23 tech terms we’d like to ban

These technology buzzwords are overused and abused -- but refuse to die. Please help us stamp them out.

11. "Social graph" is a marketing term that means... well, we have no idea what it means, and we suspect those who use it don't either.

12. When IT administrators map out their networks, they typically draw a little cloud to signify the Internet. But calling the Internet "the Cloud" is taking things a little too literally. (We never liked "Saas" much, either.) And the spinoff term "cloudsourcing" must bear the bulk of the blame for the truly execrable "crowdsourcing" that followed in its wake.

13. When people say "form factor," what they mean to say is "dimensions" or (even more simply) "shape." The extra word isn't impressing anybody.

14. Sometimes we kind of wish people who say "bleeding edge" would end up on one.

15. We'd pay money just to see a new tech gadget that actually incorporated "bells and whistles."

16. When talking about the cost of something, there's no need to say "price point." It's like calling "tuna" "tuna fish."

17. "Prosumer," as a marketing term for high-end products, means very close to nothing. What, exactly, is a professional consumer?

18. The next time someone says "gimme your digits," we'll try to resist handing over a bag of fingers.

19. "Future-proof?" Who are we fooling? Nothing is built to last more than two years.

20. There was probably a time in history when the phrase "eye candy" sounded vaguely edgy, maybe back when Miami Vice regularly featured nose candy busts. As for "ear candy" -- yuck!

21. Not sure whether someone is sold on your business idea? Just insist that it will "monetize," and your funding is in the bag. Better yet, use "monetization" to "incent" your audience to recognize the lurking "value proposition." Or be like the little red hen and "productize" your idea with a little "architecting" of your own.

22. Acts of nature -- such as an earthquake or a visit from an in-law -- are "disruptive." Calling a new technology "disruptive" gives it far too much credit.

23. "Synergy" describes the combined action of two elements working together in a mutually beneficial way. We just think it's one of those feel-good things CEOs like to say to draw your attention away from what's going on behind the scenes.

Have your own nominations for our list of the most annoying tech terms and phrases? Add them in the comments area.

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