Cloud could be more secure than you think: Security experts

Contract negotiations, regulations key to driving local adoption

Cloud computing has the potential to be more secure than traditional computing, two security experts have said.

At the SecureSydney conference today, IBM’s Cloud security lead architect, Neil Readshaw, and Bridge Point Communications national security account manager, Dan Boucaut, said security issues need not be problematic for CIOs when taking the necessary steps toward Cloud adoption.

“The key point for this audience is that security is perceived as an inhibitor of Cloud but it can also be viewed as an enabler,” Readshaw said.

“You can find many studies that say security is the main inhibitor for Cloud in many ways ... the point here is, it's our responsibility to help Cloud become successful by making it secure.”

According to Readshaw, ensuring vendors comply with Australian regulations was one way to make the Cloud more secure. He also said strict guidelines needed to be established during a Cloud negotiation process.

“If I look at customers I work with, Australia is probably less over the top in compliance when it comes to Cloud, but there are still some important regulations in this country,” he said.

“If you’re putting your data into someone else’s data centre, you have to think about what unintended access those employees will have to your data."

Bridge Point’s Boucaut agreed that security in the Cloud can only get better, but that certain company information should remain in-house.

“Having local Cloud offerings means there will be less security concerns, and increased speed,” he said.

“There are a lot of things that shouldn’t go in the Cloud, like your corporate secrets — if they get out, the business is going to go broke.”

Cloud security was on the agenda for analysts earlier this week, with one saying that if security isn’t a priority, moving to the Cloud could be a dangerous move.

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