Email services company Return Path sets up shop in Australia

Offers services to email providers, marketers

Email services company Return Path has set up shop in Sydney, marking the seventh country in which it has a local office.

"[Australia is] not a huge market but it's an attractive one and it's relatively straightforward to do business in, particularly for an American company," said Return Path CEO and founder Matt Blumberg. The company has appointed Theo Noёl as regional director of new operations in Australia and New Zealand.

"Email is such a global business that most of our main strategic partners have a significant presence here, which makes it both important and easy to get ourselves going here," Blumberg said.

"On the ISP side of the business, Yahoo and Hotmail and Gmail are our largest partners and obviously they have a very large market presence here, and then on the email service provider side of the business over the last two to three years most of the major US global service providers have either acquired a local provider or started their own so they all now have a good presence here as well makes it easy for us to do business."

Return Path offers services to email providers to finetune spam filtering algorithms, as well help for email marketers to increase inbox placement. For email marketers the company uses data gathered from email services to inform both technical infrastructure and marketing. Its core products for marketers are an email performance dashboard and certification program similar to Verisign's domain certification for websites.

Its domain assurance program is particularly appealing to enterprises in the financial industry, according to Blumberg. Return Path provides an auditing service to enterprises to certify that all outgoing mail is signed by the organisation, allowing email providers to flag emails, such as phishing attempts, that spoof a domain.

For marketers Return Path helps optimise their email programs so that EDMs don't have the appearance of being spam and "are what's interesting to their customers so their customers don't complain about their mail or don't block their mail."

A recent survey by the company found that in Australia 19 per cent of commercial email doesn't reach inboxes, with some 2 per cent of that ending up in spam filters.

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