Infographic: ICANN's brave new world of 'dot word' TLDs

What the expanded internet namespace may look like.

The internet is set for something of a shakeup, with the introduction of new 'dot word'-style domains, like .bank and .app.

In October 2008, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers released draft guidelines for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs); that is, domains that would function in a similar fashion to existing TLDs like .com, .org and .net, although managed under guidelines set by the new domains owner intead of the free-for-all that effectively exists now.

"Such expansion is driven by the demand for more innovation, choice and change to the Internet’s addressing system, now constrained by only 21 generic top‐level domain names," wrote ICANN's then-CEO, Paul Twomey, in the guide outlining a proposed process for new TLD applications.

"In a world with 1.5 billion Internet users—and growing—diversity, choice and competition are key to the continued success and reach of the global network."

It took until mid-June this year for internet users to get some indication of what this new world of expanded domains may look like, with ICANN revealing the list of new gTLDs that have been applied for.

ARI Registry Services, which worked on 114 of the gTLD applications for both Australian and overseas clients, has produced an infographic (embedded below, or get the full resolution version here) that offers a snapshot of gTLD applications.

Some highlights:

‣ Close to half the applications ICANN received were from North America.

‣ .app was the most popular domain suffix applied for, with 13 applications lodged with ICANN.

‣ Google applied for 101 domains, outstripping Apple and Microsoft, but dwarfed by start-up Donuts, .

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