Strangeloop Network Accelerator cuts Web page build time

Website acceleration provider Strangeloop Networks is launching a new service for providers that can accelerate websites all the way from the browser accessing a site to the server hosting it.

Called Strangeloop Network Accelerator, the service divides each browser-server connection into segments and applies a range of appropriate acceleration techniques to each with the goal of cutting the time it takes pages to load.

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These techniques include those already employed by content delivery networks (CDN) and some that are incorporated in other Strangeloop products and services, as well as some new ones.

Among the unique features is a form of front-end optimization that provides browsers with the resource links needed to build a page at the same time dynamic content that will be displayed on the page is being created on the hosting server. That way when the dynamic content arrives, the browser has already cached the resources the content will use. This occurs at near the CDN edge server.

As requests and responses travel across CDNs, the traffic is optimized using alternatives to HTTP such as Google's fast Web protocol SPDY, which Strangeloop has supported for about a year. SPDY uses a variety of means to accelerate traffic including multiplexing requests onto single connections and making each one bidirectional.

These techniques can be used between Strangeloop Network Accelerator nodes within the CND, but also between Strangeloop nodes and target servers. Other feature between the origin servers and Streangeloop servers include customizing responses for individual browser types by reducing the size of payloads and optimizing HTML and JavaScript.

In order to offer Strangeloop Network Accelerator services, providers have to install Strangeloop servers near their points of presence as well as near the origin servers their customers are trying to accelerate. Strangeloop Nework Accelerator is available now.

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