FreeNAS hits 8.2, adds plug-in system

FreeNAS 8.2 debuts plug-ins

FreeNAS, the PC BSD-based operating system built for network-attached storage, has hit version 8.2. FreeNAS 8.2 adds a new plug-in system

Project manager Josh Paetzel flagged the addition of a plug-in system for FreeNAS 8 in June 2011 interview. The plug-in system is based on FreeBSD chroot jail system and PC-BSD's PBI system for application installation.

FreeNAS 8.2 plug-ins are already available for BitTorrent downloads and media serving.

"Community members have helped make this release the best one yet by submitting bug reports, patches, plugin suggestions, and feedback throughout the development process," Paetzel said in a statement.

The FreeNAS 8.2 release notes also highlight improved ZFS support and GUI tweaks.

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