Macca's app uses GPS, augmented reality to track Big Mac

Australian TrackMyMacca's app released for Apple iPhone.

A new app for Australia from McDonald’s combines GPS, image recognition and augmented reality to show customers where their meal came from.

The TrackMyMacca’s app, created by DDB Australia, was released this week on Apple’s Australian app store. The app lets customers scan their food with an iPhone to discover where the food was grown, farmed or fished, and what ingredients were used.

“Most people like the taste of McDonald’s, but there’s still some confusion about just how real their food is,” explains the narrator of a McDonald’s commercial for the app on YouTube.

The app uses GPS to determine which restaurant the customer is eating. The iPhone camera and image recognition software determine what the customer is eating. Then, the app combines that with the date and time to access a database of McDonald’s supply chain.

After an answer is determined, the app creates a 3D cartoon farm or fishery around the customer’s McDonald’s meal using augmented reality. Users can tap spots on the scene for more information, including profiles of the actual farmers and fisherman involved.

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