7 cutting-edge programming experiments worth trying

The words "cutting edge" may be crisp and definite, slicing through air like a knife in a bar fight. But few things strike fear in the minds of enterprise IT like the claim that a new product is built by a team working on the "cutting edge" of technology.

The problem isn't aversion to the new or being too old to change. After all, enterprise teams need all the best new ideas that come along -- even before they're completely done. But they also need all the stability and certainty that the old faithful stacks of code bring.

The trick to making the most of the cutting edge is to experiment, not to jump in with both feet. Try your code where it can be most effective and see whether the cutting-edge tool offers the performance and features you need. Then check to see whether you're trading off anything essential. Experiments don't always reveal the hidden weaknesses or trade-offs immediately. So work in increments, and when your experiment is fully vetted, move to a more serious implementation.

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