Web browser takes surfers into the third dimension

ExitReality allows users to surf the internet via a Second Life style 3D interface.
ExitReality's browser plug-in allows Web pages to be viewed in 3D

ExitReality's browser plug-in allows Web pages to be viewed in 3D

ExitReality, the world's first 3D web browser, was launched this week.

Downloaded as a browser plugin, the program allows users to surf the Internet via a virtual 3D world.

The plugin transforms any Web site into a 3D setting – similar in appearance to Second Life - that users can walk through using a customisable avatar.

Social networking pages like Facebook or MySpace, for example, appear as a 3D apartment that users can decorate and modify at will. A music jukebox and bookshelves inside the apartment are filled with the music and literature listed in a user’s profile, which could in turn link to sites like Amazon or iTunes to purchase that content.

Users, once logged in, can see and interact via chat with other avatars inside the 3D representation of any particular Web site. To avoid congestion within a site, the program only allows a maximum of 50 users in any one 3D representation of a site, but an infinite number of representations or “rooms” for each site is available.

Site owners will be able to customise the way their pages are displayed through the program.

The founder of ExitReality, Australian Danny Stefanic, said the plugin introduces 3D advertising to the Web on a large scale that enables greater brand exposure and more creative presentations.

“In 3D, advertisers are able to make even banner ads more creative, as a banner ad could be trailing off a virtual aeroplane flying around the screen,” he said.

“3D is a new digital frontier. It is a media type that has yet to be fully adopted by the mass market of Web users. Like text, images, video and audio, I see 3D as another form of media.”

ExitReality is free, requiring a 3.5MB download, and works on any Web site. It runs through both Internet Explorer and Firefox, but is currently only available for Windows-based machines.

Downloads are available here.