MySpace now talking to Facebook with Sync

Status updates and content

Social network interoperability went up a notch this week with MySpace releasing Sync, an application to post status updates and other content on users’ Facebook pages.

With Sync, MySpace status updates can be set to automatically publish on Facebook and Twitter.

In an e-mail announcing the service, MySpace stream product director Jennifer Ruffner said Sync also offers people the ability to share content, including music, videos, links and photos with their friends on Facebook.

“This is particularly exciting for artists who can now use this tool as a complement to their MySpace Music presence and share their vast library of content, including full album catalogs, to people who’ve liked their Facebook page,” Ruffner said.

Once a pioneer in social networking on the Web, MySpace has struggled to keep up with competition from Facebook, which now boasts more than 500 million users as of July, 2010.

Last month, research firm ComScore revealed visits to MySpace dropped nearly 50 per cent in a year.

Whether Sync will help or harm MySpace’s member count remains to be seen.

Ruffner said the new sync functionality is part of an ongoing effort to make it simple for people to share their updates beyond MySpace and “allow fans and friends to interact with that content across the Web”.

A number of third-party applications are already available for synchronising content between the popular social networks.

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