Australian electricians go green

New search website promotes energy efficient businesses

Consumers can search for their closest EcoSmart electrician through a new website launched by Victoria's Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Gavin Jennings.

EcoSmart is a government initiative designed to promote the installation of energy efficient devices in businesses and homes. The public can use the website to find their nearest electrician. It also has information on training, video case studies and lists the benefits of using the electricians.

According to Jennings there are now more than 1300 EcoSmart Electricians and 300 accredited contracting businesses that have trained under the scheme to upgrade their knowledge of energy efficient systems and practices.

“EcoSmart Electricians will be able to help customers save money by becoming more energy efficient at home or in their businesses and reduce their impact on the environment,” he said. ”This scheme also helps electricians adapt to the changing nature of the consumer needs which are demanding services that are better for the environment.”

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) has developed the nationally accredited EcoSmart electricians course for licensed electricians.

“The EcoSmart Electricians program is already saving many Victorian homes, schools, healthcare centres, industrial sites and commercial organisations significant amounts of money through greater energy efficiency practices,” Jennings said.