Channel partners crucial to creating trust in local Cloud market: Microsoft Australia

Hybrid model key to preventing offshoring concerns

Maintaining relationships with channel partners as well as offering hybrid Cloud options are two strategies Microsoft is using to try and dominate the local Cloud market.

Speaking to Computerworld Australia, Windows Azure Platform Product Manager from Microsoft Australia, Tim Buntel, said the industry giant is taking advantage of partnerships to win over more local clients.

“The industry is going through a process of evolution right now,” Buntel said. “The typical partner vendor relationship of the past is undergoing change.

“One of the challenges in moving to the Cloud is in trust, and partners can be helpful in that sense, because they have a high level of trust with the customers.”

One such partner Microsoft is working with is Melbourne based company Jasco Consulting, which yesterday launched a converter for data stored in Microsoft Access databases, and the Azure Cloud.

CEO of Jasco Consulting, Jason McClintock, said Jasco 2SQL allows users to organise data from a number of databases moving this data to an on premise site or to the Cloud.

“By breaking down the barriers to information and moving it to a Microsoft SQL database, either on-premise or in the Cloud, this makes it much more widely accessible and easier to use,” McClintock said.

Microsoft’s Buntel said partnerships were complimented by the use of a hybrid Cloud model, which may work in favour of local customers nervous about the impact of offshoring data.

“The hybrids that are exciting are end customer owned data centres; maybe you want to do your data efficiency in the Cloud,” he said.

“You can have third party hybrids, have a data tier in Sydney and there are lots of opportunities with applications; we get so focused on data centre applications.”

Microsoft has also leveraged partnerships with Telstra in the launch of Office 365 this week, which is being touted as a competitor to Google Apps because of its Cloud based nature.

New Zealand based data centre company, Revera, recently partnered with VMware, moving its data centres to an enterprise hybrid Cloud model.

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