Microsoft Research gets scientific with cloud

Launches new Windows Azure for Research program
  • Rohan Pearce (Techworld Australia)
  • 10 September, 2013 14:43

Microsoft Research has launched a new program designed to encourage the use of its Azure cloud computing program by scientists and other researchers.

The new Windows Azure for Research program was unveiled today and will award some 100 grants of computing resources on Microsoft's cloud for scientific research every year. Proposals will be accepted at any time, but awarded six times a year. The deadline for the first round of grants is 15 October.

Microsoft Research said it will periodically issue RFPs on particular topics that it is interested in support. The organisation will also start a series of training events for researchers and an annual Windows Azure for Research event.

Microsoft earlier this year added an Australian region to Windows Azure. The software vendor launched sub-regions in Victoria and New South Wales.