Stories by Shane Schick

CIO study says IT leaders could one day be CEOs

Canadian CIOs have all the key leadership competencies they need if they were motivated to one day take on a CEO job and running an entire enterprise, based on research findings presented at an industry event on Thursday.

Hospital CTO identifies virtualisation gotchas

Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children has learned the hard way that virtualization efforts won't be successful if vendors aren't ready to support you, according to its director of technology.

Why Gen Y workers bypass IT usage policies

Nearly half of Generation Y employees in Canada say they routinely bypass IT usage policies and a quarter of them face no repercussions for doing so, according to a national study conducted by IT World Canada and Harris/Decima.

Websense to take fear out of Facebook, Web 2.0

Websense used the InfoSecurity Canada show to introduce a software-based gateway product aimed at protecting enterprise customers from the dangers of social networking sites and other advanced online services.

AMD offers breathing room with Business Class PC

AMD's decision to move into the business PC market this week reminds me of the first line of Shopgirl, a novella by Steve Martin, which points out that working in the glove department at a large retail store means "you are selling things that nobody buys anymore."

Five ways of defining cloud computing

As with nearly every IT trend, including service-oriented architectures and Web services, just because we're all talking about cloud computing doesn't mean we're talking about the same thing.