Stories by Patrick Thibodeau

Google and IBM are bonding in a serious way

While Microsoft chases Yahoo, Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO and chairman is seeking a stronger relationship with IBM, something in which Big Blue's chairman and CEO, Sam Palmisano, appears very interested.

IBM data center offerings... a la iTunes

IBM is developing what may be characterized as an iTunes-like model for data centers that will enable a business to download the complete application stack, run it and even turn over server management to the vendor who will run it remotely.

How Windows XP contributes to global warming

The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that no more than 10% of all PCs in use by organizations have power management enabled, and as a result are wasting large amounts of electricity and contributing to greenhouse gases. One major culprit may be Windows XP.

US gov't removes IBM from IT contractor blacklist

In a quick turnabout, the US Environmental Protection Agency has lifted a week-old suspension of IBM from seeking new federal IT work. But IBM still faces an investigation by the EPA as well as a federal grand jury probe over a bid for a contract at the agency in 2006.

Combat-ready laptops for the ultimate road warrior - or klutz

Designers of portable computers for US military personnel are giving soldiers more options to take into the field, including tablet PCs and fully functional notebook devices so small that they can fit into someone's pocket. But one thing the vendors aren't giving users is Windows Vista.

How BI tools can help improve pizza delivery

Pizza delivery seems simple. You call and someone takes your order and tells you, say, "20 minutes" -- which is what you tell your stomach and anyone else you may be sharing the pizza with.

IBM suspended from new US gov't business

IBM disclosed Monday that it has been "temporarily suspended" from new business with US federal agencies, as well as being subject to a federal grand jury probe over a bid it submitted for work.