Stories by Tom S. Noda

A jolly storage strategy

Simplifying IT storage management at fast food giant Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC) is something that can be considered a "jolly strategy," with all the millions of cash saved yearly on maintenance alone.

Study: 60 per cent of Facebook users mulling to quit

Due to prevailing privacy concerns, several Facebook members are thinking to quit the popular social networking site -- at least 60% of them -- according to a latest survey conducted by IT security firm, Sophos.

Hackers feast on Tiger Woods' car crash

Adultery, domestic violence, a crumbling marriage, and other rumors circulating the reported car accident of golf icon Tiger Woods turned out to be a feast time for hackers, poisoning web search engines left and right.

Google, Yahoo to reach 3B mobile phone users

With a market size three times bigger than the Internet today, Internet search engines Yahoo! and Google both aim to bring the Internet to about 3.2 billion mobile phone users as compared to the 850 million PC users today.