Stories by Computerworld Staff

Children developing Web browsing smarts

Australian children have developed a high level awareness regarding Internet risks and online safety, according to an Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) report released today.

Google Maps adds real estate app

Google has added a real estate search to its Google Maps service in Australia, letting potential home buyers view available properties across all real estate companies in a particular area.

Internet job ad slump stagnates

A monthly survey of job ads shows that IT jobs ads are dropping faster than the national average, with a fall of 1.9 per cent in June.

IT jobs slump 5% in May: Olivier

IT jobs continued to further slide in May, falling by 5 per cent, leading to a total fall of 58.11 per cent for the 12 month period, according to statistics from the Olivier Job Index.

A GM bankruptcy could leave IT vendors with unpaid bills

There are two story lines revolving around the expected bankruptcy of General Motors Corp., and the first one is ugly. Bankruptcy is a nasty business and IT vendors may be left with unpaid bills, smaller contracts and uncertainty about the automaker's future.

IT heads get green thumbs: Symantec

A new global survey boasts senior-level IT decision makers are further justifying green IT solutions by more than cost and IT efficiency benefits, by showing increasing interest in green IT strategies and solutions.

Brennan inks $2m Accor deal

Brennan has won a three-year, $2 million outsourcing contract for international hotel group Accor Hotels, as preferred IT support and project services partner.