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How to equip your PC with SSD for about $200

A lot of solid-state disk (SSD) drive reviews and features have been circulating around the Internet lately, and I've noticed that the speeds of those products are increasing remarkably, even as manufacturers use more multilevel cell (MLC) NAND flash memory in their products, which is innately slower than single-level cell (SLC) NAND.

In-depth: Summary of NBN regulatory submissions

The federal government published this week submissions it had invited from industry players, public interest groups and concerned individuals on regulatory issues associated with the National Broadband Network process. The government received no less than 80 submissions from a broad range of participants including major telco providers, ISPs, disability access groups, telecommunications consumer and industry groups, telco experts, academics and individuals. Computerworld explored each submission and here we provide you with the key points outlined in each proposal. In most cases, the views are lifted verbatim from the submission.

All you need to know about Office Open XML

Now that Microsoft has successfully lobbied to get its Office Open XML document format approved as an international standard by the ISO, it should put just as much effort into showing IT managers that it will offer value beyond attracting the interest of government customers.

Vista 'broom' sweeps top execs out the door

The departure of a number of high-level executives who worked on Windows Vista doesn't qualify as "brain drain," but is probably connected to the operating system's perceived failures, analysts said Tuesday.

PHP to get enterprise reporting

Popular scripting language PHP will get integrated XML reporting following the release 2.0 of open source business intelligence tool BIRT, according to PHP developer and support provider Zend Technologies.