Stories by Melissa Chang

Five warning signs a tech startup is in trouble

The sound of a tech start-up crashing to Earth is loudest when it's unexpected. However, there are several warning signs that investors and customers can look for that almost always spell trouble:

Tweens, teens turn to MySpace, iTunes, P2P for music

When you were growing up, how did you discover and listen to new music? Very likely, it was from 45s, LPs, and CDs recommended by friends, or songs played by radio and club DJs. Nowadays, as the music industry watches its old business models fade, young people are increasingly turning to new tools and technologies to satisfy their craving for new music. In certain respects, kids haven't changed much -- they continue to find new music through peer and media influences. What has changed, however, is the channels through which they are influenced, and they ways that they purchase their music.

Facebook apps you likely haven't heard of, but should

We've all heard of, played with or used the most popular Facebook applications  -- Scrabulous, Owned! and (Lil) Green Patch come to mind. But what about the not-as-popular Facebook applications? With more than 27,000 apps to choose from, and the number growing daily, there are plenty of diamonds in the rough that may be unknown, but still stand out because they are particularly interesting, unique, viral or just darn fun.