Stories by Elizabeth Montalbano

Group queues up for iPhone 3G to promote organic farming

iPhones and sustainable agriculture don't have a lot in common, but a bedraggled group of publicity-seekers and iPhone enthusiasts who want the next US president to plant an organic farm on the White House lawn have connected the two as a reason to line up for Friday's iPhone 3G launch.

ISO approves PDF as an international standard

The International Organization for Standardization has approved Adobe Systems' widely used PDF (Portable Document Format) as an international standard, and is now in charge of any changes made to the specification.

Microsoft, Powerset confirm deal

Microsoft and Powerset confirmed Tuesday that Microsoft will purchase the search-engine startup. The news comes several days after a rumor about the deal circulated on the Web.

Microsoft tries again to streamline volume pricing

Microsoft has unveiled a new program that allows its larger customers to combine separate product licensing agreements under one master contract, which could help them to get bigger volume discounts.

OOXML projects bolster Microsoft's interoperability efforts

Microsoft on Monday unveiled projects to improve data portability between Office 2007 and other document file formats, including the design of a new translator for exchanging OOXML (Office Open XML) and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) documents.

Microsoft, Powerset mum on rumor about deal

A report has set off a ripple across the Internet that Microsoft is set to announce it is buying semantic-search engine provider Powerset. However, so far neither company is commenting on whether that deal is actually happening.

Ozzie is key to Microsoft's success against Google

The departure of Microsoft's founder and iconic leader Bill Gates comes at a pivotal time in the company's history as it struggles to compete with Google, the architect of the new Web economy and perhaps the company's most formidable foe ever.

JBoss joins Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Amazon EC2

Red Hat on Tuesday made its JBoss Java middleware available through's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service, eight months after it gave customers access to its Enterprise Linux on its technology partner's computing infrastructure.

Microsoft, Nortel offer hosted unified communications

Microsoft and Nortel on Monday introduced a fully hosted unified-communications and collaboration service for carriers, the first entirely hosted carrier-grade offering to come out of an alliance struck between the companies two years ago.