Stories by Len Rust

Marketers unlikely to increase spending

Drastic marketing budget increases are not likely this year for most marketers worldwide, according to a survey conducted by the CMO Council and sponsored by Deloitte Consulting, Market and TechTarget.

Mobile marketing spreads worldwide

Mobile marketing, which was born in countries such as Japan and South Korea, has taken off in Western Europe and is beginning to grow in North America. As consumers move to flat-rate data plans and adopt mobile messaging, and as new platforms for advertising-supported mobile search, video, and gaming content services arrive, mobile marketing is expected to grow to more than $US24 billion worldwide in 2013, jumping from just $US1.8 billion in 2007.

Australian server market powers past $1 billion mark

The amount spent on servers in Australia during 2007 broke through the $US1 billion dollar mark to $US1.001 billion, according to IDC. The 17 per cent increase in Australia's server spending was the strongest annual growth since 1996.

Value propositions drive RFID adoption

The increase in available RFID technology and applications suggests that the market is moving beyond traditional closed-loop application environments. From historical applications (such as security/access control, animal ID, toll collection, and automobile immobilisation) to the hot-right-now asset management and open-loop supply chain applications, ABI Research believes the RFID market is incredibly diverse while offering strong growth potential.

Speech recognition finds favour

Speech recognition was the most preferred self-service channel among customers of the technology, according to a survey conducted in Australia for Nuance Communications by research company,

What outsourcing clients really think

Companies are approaching outsourcing contracts with renegotiation in mind by creating leverage through strategies such as price benchmarking claw-back and blue-sky clauses, according to a survey by IDC.

Commercial convergence coming to you

Telcos are now rolling out converged services on fixed and mobile networks, converting trials to commercial deployments. This year will see another spate of trials, as femtocell technology begins to become available.

BI top of Aussie CIOs' priority lists

For the third year in a row, business intelligence (BI) applications have been ranked the top technology priority in the 2008 Gartner Executive Programs survey of 1500 chief information officers (CIOs). According to Gartner, this is because CIOs know they must implement a BI strategy properly if they want to accomplish many other priorities, such as customer service improvement and legacy application modernisation.