Stories by Matthew Sainsbury

Dip your toe into DSiWare with Art Style: Aquite

An elegant take on the classic “match three blocks of the same colour to make them disappear,” puzzler, Aquite is one of those DSiWare games that would <i>almost</i> work as a full fledged purchase.

Melting pot of fun: Mixed Messages

The beauty of download services, such as DSiWare, is that developers can create content that would never work in a fully-fledged “box and shelf” style game, but as a download is a decent investment. Mixed Messages is a perfect example of this.

Playin' in the sandbox: GTA: Chinatown Wars

The first GTA game on the Nintendo DS is mind-blowingly awesome. What follows is a gushing review from a newly reborn GTA fan. It is not an advertisement, though it's sure as hell going to read like it.

Slash your DS to bits with Don King Boxing

Boxing is a tough sport to capture realistically in a game. The vast majority of attempts end up being simple fighting games, without any of the excitement or flair of a Street Fighter or Soul Calibur. Don King boxing on the Nintendo DS offers up an interesting premise – use the touch screen to accurately direct your punches and parries, and ultimately pulls it off well enough that it might just be worth a look.

Dragon Quest V bests IV in DS duel

The Dragon Quest series is one of the most important console RPG franchises, perhaps even eclipsing Final Fantasy in terms of popularity. It is that popular that laws have been passed in Japan preventing the release of a game during the working week, for fear of lost productivity in sick days.