Stories by Darren Pauli

Obama, Al Qaeda recruit for Rustock

Barack Obama has left the presidential campaign trail and joined George W Bush, Al Qaeda and Microsoft to recruit zombies for the world's second largest botnet, Rustock.

Defence e-mail goes off-the-shelf

The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) has purchased a new e-mail classification system to reduce data loss and maintain compliance with federal regulations.

QLD Health CIO axed

Queensland Health CIO Paul Summergreene has been sacked, amid rigorous investigations into allegations he cashed-in up to $25,000 in false expenses.

Bush is a $10B thorn for NBN

Rolling fibre out to the bush could cost up to $10 billion, almost as much as laying the cables across every Australian capital, according to Telstra.

Council owns up to Optus' QLD IP blackout

Gold Coast City Council has today been revealed as the culprit behind [[ArtId:27252105|this week's Optus outage|new]] after excavations in a Queensland state water project severed an interstate fibre cable.

Optus phone, mobile, Internet downed by QLD hoe

Optus has confirmed its major fibre cables in Queensland have been severed in a [[artid:1408978410|construction mishap|new]], cutting Internet connections, PSTN and mobile phone services to more than one million customers.

Optus, Primus QLD links cut, phones down

Optus and Primus fibre cables in Queensland have been severed in a construction accident, cutting the Internet connections to potentially thousands of customers.

ACCC cracks open Telstra exchanges

Telstra will have to provide reasons for denying competitors access to exchanges after the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) ruled it must show detailed records of DSL provisioning.

Ousted VMware CEO no concern to users

The abrupt ousting|new of VMware co-founder and CEO Diane Greene may have occurred through a plot worthy of Elizabethan treachery but analysts say there is no need for users to worry.