Stories by Dirk A.D. Smith

How to detect buggy device drivers in Windows 10

When buggy third party drivers crash a system and invoke a blue screen of death, it can be difficult to pinpoint the source among all the active running software. An alternative method to using WinDbg is to identify any device driver addition or change that occurred prior to the BSOD event.

Exclusive: Inside the NSA's private cloud

The National Security Agency (NSA) had a problem familiar to any enterprise IT manager executive: it was running out of space for hundreds of disparate relational databases that contain everything from back-office information to intelligence on foreign interests. And it needed to consolidate those databases to make it easier for NSA analysts to do their job.

Where to go for help with Windows crashes

Before getting into the installation and use of WinDbg for W8, I looked for additional sources to help with crash resolution. Just Googling "Windows 8 crash" returned forums, guides, tools and books, all offering varying levels of help.

How to profit from new domain name rules

A new era in Web site naming has begun, providing a golden opportunity for savvy IT professionals to go on the offensive with new domains that can capture additional Web traffic and generate new revenue.