Stories by Sharon Machlis

iPad Mini vs. Google Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire

Here's how the iPad Mini's announced tech specs stack up against popular 7-inch tablets from Google and Amazon. (Of course, while the specs are important, there's more to a tablet than a data sheet. Computerworld will have a hands-on review of the iPad Mini soon.)

U.S. tech workers by the numbers

Census Bureau data show a 2.8% increase in the median earnings for computer and math jobs, with women earning 85% of what men do in the field.

Google Now vs. Siri - voice search challenge

Sharon Machlis of Computerworld compares the Google Now voice search capabilities with the Siri voice assistant on the Apple iPhone 4S. While Siri offers more functions in terms of scheduling, does Google Now do better at finding information?

Google Nexus 7 tablet overview

Sharon Machlis of Computerworld gives an overview of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, which runs the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 operating system, and features Voice Search functionality.

Esri rolls out ArcGIS map services for the cloud

Esri today rolled out an ambitious cloud offering for government and enterprise customers that allows users to create data-driven maps and map services without ArcGIS servers or desktop software.

8 cool tools for data analysis, visualization and presentation

Reporters wrangle all sorts of data, from analyzing property tax valuations to mapping fatal accidents -- and, here at Computerworld, for stories about IT salaries and H-1B visas. In fact, tools used by data-crunching journalists are generally useful for a wide range of other, non-journalistic tasks -- and that includes software that's been specifically designed for newsroom use. And, given the generally thrifty culture of your average newsroom, these tools often have the added appeal of little or no cost.

Weave open-source data visualization offers power, flexibility

When two Boston-area organizations rolled out an interactive <a href="">data visualization website</a> last month, it represented one of the largest public uses yet for the open-source project <a href="">Weave</a> -- and more are on the way.

Siri for Android -- sort of

Although I'm happy with my Samsung Galaxy S II Android phone, I've also got a bad case of <a href="">Siri</a> envy. I, too, would like a "personal assistant" that responds to natural language requests such as "Move my meeting from 3 to 4." And I'm sure I'm not alone, as the <a href=";sourceid=chrome&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;q=Siri+for+Android">millions of Google search results</a> for "Siri for Android" attest.

Hands-on: Zaggfolio Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad 2

The Zaggfolio for iPad 2 is a well-designed case that includes a removable Bluetooth mobile keyboard. As a result, it can be used as just a case (by removing the keyboard), as just a keyboard (by pulling the keyboard out of the case and slipping your iPad into a groove just above the top row of keys) or as a combined case/keyboard.

Hands-on: 5 wireless keyboards for the iPad

Even if you're comfortable with the iPad 2's on-screen keyboard and can happily tap out a status update or quick email, you might not want to use it for tasks like writing a lengthy report. One option is to ditch the tablet for a full-fledged laptop -- but it might be just as easy to add a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to the iPad.

HP's PC division, by the (profit and growth) numbers

Why would a company give up its market-leading position in a major hardware segment -- especially if that business is still profitable? That was one question a number of customers were asking after Hewlett-Packard (HP) said it's looking to sell its Personal Systems Group and get out of the PC business -- despite being the top vendor of personal computers worldwide.