Stories by Wayne Rash

Gigabit Wi-Fi? Not so fast.

The newest Wi-Fi technology -- 802.11ac -- promises blazing speeds of up to 1.3Gbps, according to claims made by the leading vendors.

Four Wi-Fi tools deliver mixed results

During our review of 802.11ac routers, some of the vendors sent along additional products that they thought we might be interested in. Here are short reviews of four WiFi tools that you might find useful in your network.

Linksys prevails in dual-band duel

Wireless routers are always something of a mystery. They combine a number of features into a single box and are usually complex to set up, but require little attention after that. 

How we tested dual-band routers

We used two platforms. One test platform was the Fluke Networks <a href="">AirCheck WiFi tester</a>. The AirCheck contains a 2 x 2 antenna system, and thus can support only two spatial streams.

Hands-on review: Xoom battles iPad 2 to a draw

We got our hands on the two hottest products in the tablet computing market -- the Motorola Xoom and the iPad 2 and put them to the test. This was a 15-round heavyweight fight and in the end, the Xoom stood toe to toe with the reigning champ, iPad 2.