Stories by Rohan Pearce

Breaking down the gender divide in open source and open culture

The tipping point for Linux kernel developer Valerie Aurora was when one of her friends was groped for the third time in a single year at a conference. "As I heard about it I knew I'd remember all the times I'd been groped as well, and insulted and harassed -- and that was just too much," Aurora says.

The road to a successful open source project: Learning lessons from Drupal

By almost any measure, Drupal, an open source content management system/Web platform, should be a poster child for open source success. The PHP-based CMS, the first version of which was released by Dries Buytaert in 2001, powers the Web presence of a number of major organisations, including, since 2009,

Dries' vision for Drupal 8

In January last year the developers of popular open source content management system Drupal celebrated the release of version 7. Drupal 7
included significant architectural changes as well as usability enhancements.

Open Source Ecology: Can open source save the planet?

Ambitious open source projects are nothing new. After all, the free software movement started with the GNU project -- the creation of free tools to build a free operating system -- which at one point many would have considered an impossible dream.

Sabily Linux review

As well as being one of the first Linux distributions you could conceivably install for your Luddite parents without worrying too much, Ubuntu Linux has proved to be a great platform to build other operating systems off.

Lubuntu 11.10 review: Lightweight Linux

Canonical's decision to go with Unity for the default Ubuntu desktop interface was hardly met with universal acclaim. Likewise, GNOME 3 has been the source of some controversy due to its interface changes. So where is one to go for an operating system with a classic desktop UI that just works out of the box?

R18 games and Australia's classification revolution

Australia is set to undergo a major change in its classification system that will finally resolve the vexed issue of the absence of an R18 rating for video games if proposals from the Australian Law Reform Commission are adopted.

Macquarie Uni puts R18+ classification, gaming under the microscope

Macquarie Uni will host a free public debate on the 'politics of play' as part of the university's GAME festival, organised by the Interactive Media Institute. The debate will look at the issues surrounding the creation of an R18+ classification for video games in Australia and how interactive entertainment is treated compared to other forms of media such as films, as well as the impact of games on society.