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Tren teknologi pada layar radar

Para manajer TI harus memperhatikan secara sistematis teknologi-teknologi kunci yang berpeluang besar dalam memberikan dampak pada industri mereka

Enterprise storage buyer's guide: Market roundup

Australia is the second biggest market for storage systems within the Asia Pacific region. Market growth in 2011 is likely to be in the range of 55 per cent, according to Gartner. One factor that definitely influences purchasing is movement in the competitive landscape, specifically mergers, acquisitions and partnerships, which change often. Gartner predicts storage consolidation will continue as a larger portfolio of vendors attempt to add strategic functionality to their offerings. Following is a roundup of market changes involving the biggest players.

Enterprise storage buyer's guide: Shopping checklist

Demand is increasing for simple to manage, easy to grow and cost effective storage, especially in environments where there are few dedicated storage administrators. The key for any organisation searching for an optimum storage solution is to understand which of its goals are most important. The final decision will take many factors into account including functionality, price, total cost of ownership (TCO), in-house skill levels and predicted growth across the organisation. Here is a shopping checklist.

Server Buyer's Guide : Configuration and Management Guide

Server provisioning and configuration management is a set of tools focused on managing the configuration life cycle of physical and virtual server environments. Some vendors offer functionality for the entire life cycle of physical servers, or they may offer specific point solutions in a couple of areas or focus solely on virtual servers.

Parallel programming skills crisis could stall server evolution

A lack of parallel programming expertise in the IT sector and the impact it will have on future server platforms is one of the biggest questions for computing over the next decade, according to James Harland, the associate professor of computer science at RMIT University.