Stories by Tim Greene serves as a conduit for malware - again

Businesses that allow the toolbar in their environments might want to rethink that after endpoints equipped with the browser add-on were compromised last November and then again the very next month using pretty much the same attack methods.

Wikileaks’ dump of CIA exploits exposes enterprises to new risks

Corporations concerned about the release of thousands of CIA documents detailing hacks against Apple iOS and Mac OSX, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows, Linux and Solaris need to conduct a fresh round of risk assessment that takes the new revelations into account.

Trend Micro report: Ransomware booming

The profitability of ransomware made it the top cyber threat last year in two categories: the number of attacks and the amount of money generated for crooks, according to a Trend Micro lookback on data it collected from its customers.

Replace SHA-1. It’s not that hard.

Now that SHA-1 has been broken it’s time for enterprises that have ignored its potential weakness for years to finally act, and it’s not that hard.

Bruce Schneier: Public-service technologists are needed to tame the IoT

The internet of things needs to be regulated and soon before it becomes even more of a tool to facilitate cyberattacks, and that means coming up with civic-minded technologists to help formulate government policies, security expert Bruce Schneier told an RSA Conference 2017 audience.

Expert: Line between cyber crooks and cyber spies getting more blurry

Cybercriminals acting on behalf of national governments and nation-backed espionage agents carrying out cybercrimes for cash on the side is the future of security threats facing corporations and governments, says the former top U.S. attorney in charge of the Department of Justice’s national security division.

Zingbox launhces IoT protection for business

Zingbox, a cloud-based, internet-of-things security startup, is coming out with its first product that can tell good IoT behavior from bad and sends alerts when it finds activity outside the norm.