Stories by Tim Greene

Citrix, A10 bolster application delivery gear

Two Web application acceleration vendors at Interop will announce new products and capabilities that provide more throughput for customers with higher and higher demand on their data centers.

Palo Alto upgrades app firewall software

Palo Alto Networks is announcing at Interop Las Vegas a new version of its next-generation firewall that makes it possible to create tighter security policies based on information about specific applications.

WAN acceleration on the ocean wave

Two luxury cruise lines faced the same satellite-delay challenges for shipboard Internet access and came up with different ways to address the unavoidable latency on those ship-to-shore connections and keep passengers happy.

SSL gear adapted for Wi-Fi access

Array Networks will announce at Interop Las Vegas next week that it has expanded its SSL protection from remote-access users to include those coming in over Wi-Fi connections, and basing authentication in users' identities.

Citrix extends WAN optimization to laptops

Citrix is announcing software at Interop Las Vegas this week designed to speed up traffic between individual computers and corporate sites using its WAN acceleration appliances on only one end of the connection.

WAN optimization: Money for nothing, clicks for free

WAN optimization technology is a way to save money -- take that to the bank. For instance, U.S.-based custom machinery manufacturer Curt G. Joa, avoided the cost of adding a server to its German office by installing WAN-acceleration gear from Silver Peak.

Cisco opens ISR routers to software developers

Cisco is opening up two pieces of its branch office gear to application developers in an effort to reduce the amount of equipment businesses have to place and manage in small business locations.

10 security threats to watch for

There are lots of ways business networks can be compromised, and more are developing all the time.
They range from technology exploits to social engineering attacks, and all can compromise corporate data, reputation and the ability to conduct business effectively.

RSA - NAC still drawing crowds

At this year's RSA Conference, there were fewer sessions and displays devoted to NAC than at previous conferences, but interest in the technology still seemed to run high among 2008 attendees.