Stories by Liz Tay

Rasterman on the path to Enlightenment

Carsten Haitzler, who is perhaps better known by his alias, Rasterman, has been the lead developer for the open source desktop shell Enlightenment for the past 10 years. Since attaining a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of New South Wales in 1997, Haitzler has built a career around his interest in graphics software, and has worked as a core developer at Red Hat and an engineer at VA Linux Systems in the U.S. and Japan.

New recruitment model to change contractor relationships

A new recruitment model seeks to address the growing market for IT contractors in Australia by lowering recruitment costs for employers, and improving the traditionally cagey relationship between the agency and contract employees.

Goodbye etch, hello lenny

The long-anticipated Debian 4.0 may only just have made its debut this week, but it's never too soon for the developer community to be making plans for its successor.