Stories by Matt Hines

Google's Android boosts enterprise mobile Linux

Google's introduction of its Android device operating system and Open Handset Alliance on Monday could help create just the breed of mobile Linux platform that many enterprise IT managers have been waiting for, industry experts contend.

Taking down teen hackers

While the problem of teen hacking remains a serious concern -- as highlighted in this previous post on the topic -- infiltrating the networks of kids involved in such activity, taking down their malware distribution Web sites, and convincing them to get out of the cyber-criminal game can be relatively easy, according to FaceTime Labs researcher Chris Boyd, better known in online circles under his Paper Ghost screen name.

Crimeware-as-a-service taking off

Online malware threats have taken the next step in their evolution from piecemeal creations to commercialized products, with security researchers charting the arrival of a growing number of hosted data theft services.

Web users in malware crosshairs

Online malware attacks are becoming more pervasive, targeted, and refined as the underground threat economy continues to evolve and take on the characteristics of an organized industry.