Stories by John Ribeiro

Wipro barred from World Bank contracts

Indian outsourcer Wipro said Monday that the company was barred from direct contracts from the World Bank, after family and friends of the bank's CIO and other senior executives purchased Wipro shares under a program set up by the company.

New board taking charge at scandal-ridden Satyam

The Indian government appointed three members to the board of Satyam Computer Services on Sunday, promising that the new board will provide direction to the company which is reeling from a financial scandal.

Satyam chief quits, admits faking financial results

The chairman of troubled Indian outsourcer Satyam Computer Services on Wednesday tendered his resignation to the company's board of directors, admitting that the company inflated its financial results.

Satyam demands apology from World Bank

Indian outsourcer Satyam Computer Services has demanded an apology from the World Bank for statements made after it barred Satyam from the bank's direct contracts for a period of eight years.

Satyam barred from World Bank business

The World Bank has declared Indian outsourcer Satyam ineligible to receive direct contracts from the bank under its corporate procurement program for eight years.

India's competitors catching up as outsourcing hotspots

One of India's key advantages as an offshore outsourcing location was its lower cost. But it may be losing this advantage to countries like Pakistan and Vietnam, which now offer staff at far lower costs than in India.