Stories by Jennifer Kavur

Boomers prefer PCs, but Gen Y wants smart phone

Issuing corporate smart phones isn't just about catering to the preferences of the next generation. As a lower-cost alternative to company laptops, mobile phones might be better suited to the current economic climate.

Adventures in data recovery

Russian hackers hold a casino site hostage, a Venezuelan town mistakes disk drives for organ transfers and a Canadian hospital needs ER for RAID array. Three adventure tales from CBL Data Recovery.

Stop DRM from becoming a "privacy nightmare"

The news that iTunes will offer songs from the three of the largest labels free of copy protection software was music to the ears of many users. Privacy experts say it's a sign the industry is realizing how counter-productive digital rights management (DRM) limitations actually are.

Getty and Flickr partnership clicks

Over the next few months, Getty Images will invite selected Flickr members to participate in a new Flickr-branded collection of licensed images at