Stories by Peter Wayner

Beyond iPhone and Android: 5 hot new platforms for developers

A long time ago in a mind-set far away, I spent a lunch with friends trying to figure out what we'd do if we could reprogram our cellphones. Our ideas were, in retrospect, lame. Maybe we would change the font on the dialer or come up with a screensaver animation. Wouldn't it be cool if we could get flying toasters running on the screen of our cellphone?

Top 7 dilemmas facing today's developers

Your boss wants it yesterday, but it better be good when judged by the standards of tomorrow. Your customers want every feature they can imagine, but don't you dare confuse them by giving them all the buttons they want. Your fellow programmers want your code documented, but they just respond "tl;dr" to anything you write.

7 top tools for taming big data

The floods that devastated the hard disk industry in Thailand are now half a year old, and the prices per terabyte are finally dropping once again. That means data will start piling up and people around the office will wonder what can be done with it. Perhaps there are some insights in those log files? Perhaps a bit of statistical analysis will find some nuggets of gold buried in all of that noise? Maybe we can find enough change buried in the couch cushions of these files to give us all a raise?

Review: Yahoo Mojito gives server-side JavaScript a lift

From the beginning, programming for the Web has been divided into different camps. In the browser, there was always just one language -- JavaScript -- that dominated. But on the server, there have been dozens of candidates: Java, C#, Perl, Python, and countless others invented by people who weren't happy with the other choices. If you toss databases into the mix, there are several variants of SQL running the major platforms. It's a mess that drives programmers nuts.

10 hard truths developers must learn to accept

On most days, programming is a rewarding experience, with no problem too challenging to solve. Perseverance, intuition, the right tool -- they all come together seamlessly to produce elegant, beautiful code.

Review: 2 PHP tools rise above the rest

The news is now old that investors will be given a chance to trade big piles of cash for a piece of the pile of code known as Just a short time ago, few of us would have predicted that a pile of PHP would be worth billions of dollars, but clearly we underestimated the power of the platform.

Node.js tools: Server-side JavaScript comes of age

The story of <a href="">Node.js</a> reads like it came from a Hollywood script assembly line: Some kids are monkeying around with scrap they picked up around the Internet and find a new way to snap it together. The next thing you know, they're lapping the pack at the racetrack and coasting to the winner's circle.