Stories by Denise Dubie

High-tech job cuts soar in Q1

The U.S. technology sector suffered 84,217 job cuts in the first quarter, according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, which reported the figure is a 27% increase over the previous quarter and the largest total since the end of 2002.

IBM layoffs incite backlash

IBM's news that it will shed some 5,000 North American jobs and potentially send more positions overseas has stirred up some bad sentiment toward Big Blue as the U.S. economy continues to languish.

Could IBM be Sun's savior?

The high-tech rumor mill churned at high speed Wednesday as industry watchers debated the good, the bad and the ugly about a potential pairing of IBM and Sun, if Big Blue does indeed acquire its long-time rival.

Could Cisco and BMC become more than partners?

As Cisco makes an aggressive play for data center market share with its California blade server, industry watchers speculate whether the vendor might also consider acquiring one of the big four management software makers to strike a potentially bigger blow to competitors HP and IBM.

Network skills in demand, pay well in down economy

IT executives polled separately by IT staffing and consultancy firm Robert Half Technology and staffing firm Bluewolf revealed that the need for specific IT skills doesn't lessen because the economy is bad. Robert Half Technology surveyed 1,400 CIOs about their hiring plans for the second quarter (8 percent intend to add staff) and discovered the skills considered most in demand right now.

HP cuts pay, benefits after poor financials

HP chairman and CEO Mark Hurd this week said the vendor would reduce base pay and some benefits across the company in the wake of disappointing earnings and in an attempt to stave off mass layoffs.

Down economy fuels IT outsourcing

Companies flocked to IT outsourcing vendors as the recession unfolded last year and industry watchers expect more of the same as companies seek to slash fixed costs and deliver services with smaller staffs.

IBM leads IT out of the data center

IBM plans to help customers broaden IT's reach beyond the data center and into managing physical environments, cloud services and virtual resources with one set of tools that improves efficiencies, reduces costs and cuts back on manual labor.

How companies are cutting costs

Nearly half of companies working to reduce costs attempt to avoid permanent layoffs, according to recent survey results, opting instead to freeze salaries and cut travel expenses.

Tech industry watchers feel economic pain

Tech industry stalwart Gartner cancels its cornerstone event scheduled for this spring, reduces its workforce by more than 100 and proves that IT watchers aren't immune to the economic turmoil that the vendors they cover and the clients they serve are facing.

HP extends virtual systems management

HP Thursday introduced an expanded software suite designed to help data-center managers rapidly and accurately deploy new technologies and more quickly recover remote servers in the event of a failure.