Stories by Denise Dubie

Data center technologies cause concern despite benefits

Recent research shows IT executives worry the challenges associated with implementing and maintaining next-generation data center technologies such as virtualization and power consumption controls could outweigh the potential benefits.

Vendors scramble to rein in virtual environments

The rush to virtualize data-center resources has players across the entire IT landscape working to deliver virtualization products and win customer favor. Management and automation vendors see the technology as an opportunity to improve current tools and create news ones designed to help enterprise IT shops optimize their virtual environments.

Could 'fat-tree' switch setup trim data center costs?

Buying faster switches might not be the only way to amp up performance across data center networks, according to researchers at the University of California, San Diego, who this week proposed a network architecture that would enable commodity Ethernet switches to deliver better performance at a lower cost than their 10 Gigabit Ethernet counterparts.

16 hot roles for IT pros

IT professionals who want to become irreplaceable to their organizations should cultivate existing skills and pick up a few new ones, according to Forrester Research, which recently identified 16 IT roles that CIOs will need to fill in the near term.

The dos and don'ts of IT job seeking

Social networking sites offer IT job seekers the resources to find peers with similar skills and learn more about employers. But candidates should be aware that the online outlets also provide employees a glimpse into the personal lives of potential hires. That can be good or it can be very bad, according to Rona Borre, president and CEO of Instant Technology, an IT recruiting and staff augmentation firm in the US. Borre recently talked with Denise Dubie about how new technologies can boost or torpedo job searches.

Mainframe here to stay, survey says

The future looks bright for the mainframe as a majority of IT managers report they will continue to use the systems for legacy applications and start moving new workloads that could benefit from the mainframe's availability and scalability onto the platform.

VMware bug bombs virtual servers

Many VMware customers Tuesday were prevented from logging onto their virtual servers as a bug distributed in a software update effectively stopped the boxes from powering up.

How to troubleshoot sluggish apps

There's more at stake than lost productivity when application response times slow to a standstill. Company revenue also takes a hit.

Analyze Cisco's NetFlow for free

Network traffic data holds a wealth of information about application response time, network usage and bandwidth consumption. Getting at that data in an efficient and inexpensive manner would help network managers better understand and control their networks.

IT worker confidence hits all-time low

Now more than ever American IT workers fear the weakening US economy will impact their ability to find and keep jobs in high-tech, according to research released Wednesday.

IT project management yields savings for energy company

Constellation Energy invested in project and portfolio management (PPM) software from HP in part to comply with requirements laid out in Sarbanes-Oxley. In addition to achieving compliance, the integrated energy company reduced repetitive processes and is saving nearly US$1 million annually.

Biggest security threats are from inside: survey

The 1979 film "When a Stranger Calls" portrayed the terror-filled night of a young woman fielding prank and increasingly threatening calls that climaxed when the police determined "the calls are coming from inside the house." Today IT security executives experience a similar chill down their spine when they realize the biggest threat they face comes from internal security attacks and data breaches.

Looking for IT work in all the right places

It's all about who you know when it comes to looking for IT work, and with social networking technologies gaining popularity, today the number of people you know can grow exponentially online.

VMware, MS battle over virtualization management

Microsoft's release this week of Hyper-V means there's one more hypervisor in the game -- and one more reason management capabilities will play a large part in determining which vendor will win long-term customer favor by providing the tools to optimize virtual server environments.