Stories by Denise Dubie

Gartner: Top 30 offshore locations for 2008

India might not be the only country that comes to mind when considering outsourcing work overseas, according to Gartner, which Tuesday unveiled its list of the top 30 leading locations for offshore services in 2008.

FAQ: What does the HP-EDS deal really mean?

HP Tuesday announced its plans to acquire EDS for US$13.9 billion in a deal that would double HP's services business and revive EDS' position as a leader in global technology services. The acquisition will catapult HP's annual revenue for services from less than $20 billion to nearly $40 billion and position HP as the second largest services provider in the world. Here is a look at what is happening and why now.

Women in IT thank mums for encouragement

Not just professional athletes and actors thank their mothers for helping them succeed. Women in IT also credit their mums for making them realise they could conquer any career -- even the male-dominated high-tech industry.

IT pays homage to mothers

Troubleshooting performance problems, configuring routers or responding to help-desk calls might not bring images of mum to everyone's mind, but network managers say that without applying key lessons learned from their mothers, they couldn't have succeeded in IT.

Dr. House-like diagnostics for your network

Network and systems management technologies have come a long way, but networks have come even further - making it difficult for network teams to quickly diagnose performance problems.

Assembling a 'network A-team'

Have you spent millions on management software and still struggle to quickly determine the root cause of network performance problems?

Wanted: 10 IT skills employers need today

Technology pros looking to find new work or secure their current jobs should get schooled on wireless, Web 2.0 and virtualization while also boning up on business basics.

Cisco steps up its WAN optimization game

Cisco Tuesday is set to introduce a product suite that couples the company's Wide-Area File Services and content distribution technologies with optimization features to deliver an integrated feature set that tackles application performance over the WAN and at branch offices.