Stories by Chris Kanaracus

Cast Iron adds data-cleansing to integration appliance

Cast Iron Systems, maker of an appliance for integrating SaaS and on-premise applications, is introducing a new version that adds data cleansing and migration tools, along with a library of prebuilt integration templates for connecting many commercial software-as-a-service products.

XTuple releases 'hybrid' open-source ERP

XTuple has released the 3.0 version of its ERP (enterprise resource planning) application, with new features including a screen-builder tool for designing dashboards and a product configurator for processing custom orders.

Open-source quality tester out in alpha

The Software Quality Observatory for Open Source Software (SQO-OSS) project has released an alpha version of Alitheia Core, an open-source software quality-checking tool.

Oracle pushes BI to the iPhone

Oracle is jumping on the iPhone bandwagon, releasing Business Indicators, the first in a planned wave of applications for the red-hot mobile device.

Adobe readying new mashup tool for business users

Adobe is developing a mashup interface code-named "Genesis" that will allow business users to pull together "workspaces" that combine assets like business application data, documents and analytics, along with collaboration tools such as instant messaging.

Google open-sources data exchange language

Google has open-sourced its protocol buffers, the company's lingua franca for encoding various types of data, in order to set the stage for a wave of new releases, according to official company blog posts and documents.

Gartner: CRM market up 23 percent in '07

Global spending on CRM (customer relationship management) software surged in 2007 to roughly US$8.1 billion, a 23.1 percent jump over 2006's total of about US$6.6 billion, according to the research firm Gartner.

Salesforce's e-commerce engine favoring 'native' apps

Salesforce is developing an e-commerce engine called Checkout, but for now only "native" applications that are built on its development platform -- as opposed to ones developed with other tools and then integrated with Salesforce -- can join the pilot program.