Stories by Chris Kanaracus

Open Source Census launches

The Open Source Census, an effort to pin down hard statistics regarding the implementation of open-source software around the world, got underway on Wednesday.

Report: Number of GPL v3 projects tops 2,000

The number of open-source projects that use the GNU General Public License Version 3 has grown to more than 2,000, according to Palamida, which sells software and services for tracking open-source code within a customer's code base.

Gartner: Multicore, clouds, social nets top disruptive list

Multicore processors, cloud computing, user interfaces, social networks/social software and Web mashups top a list of 10 "disruptive technologies'' set to reshape the IT landscape between 2008 and 2012, according to Gartner analysts David Cearley and Carl Claunch.

GNOME Foundation defends OOXML involvement

The GNOME Foundation, recently slammed by critics who accused it of supporting Microsoft's Open Office XML document format (OOXML), has issued a statement to clarify its position on the matter.

Web pioneer quits OpenSolaris project

A high-profile figure in Sun Microsystems' OpenSolaris community has quit, accusing Sun of retaining too much control over the open-source counterpart to its Solaris operating system.