Stories by Ellen Messmer

Myth or truism? Security experts judge

They are etched into the conventional wisdom of IT security, but are these 12 articles of faith (to some) actually wise, or are they essentially myths? We've assembled a panel of experts to offer their judgments.

IBM 'security on a stick' protects online bank customers

IBM researchers have come up with a small device they like to call "security on a stick" for use in online banking so customers plugging into any computer can protect transactions and find out if Trojan malware is trying to steal funds.

IT security spending not darkened by economic gloom

The global financial crisis so visible this past month is beginning to take its toll on information-technology spending, though IT security spending is expected to be spared in what many think will be a dismal coming year.

Symantec details grand product integration plan

Symantec this week detailed a plan to further integrate its diverse products under a common management platform as well as support third-party products by means of its published interfaces.

Boston College converts chapel into secure data center

Boston College's IT department has gotten absolutely religious about securing data three years after a big breach made headlines. So it might seem only fitting that the school's new data center resides inside a former chapel on land acquired from the Catholic Archdiocese.

Symantec updates DLP endpoint, antispam gateway

Symantec Tuesday announced an updated version of its antispam-antivirus gateway, as well as its plans to link its systems management and data-loss-prevention products more closely to simplify deployments for customers using both technologies.

Credit-card security standard issued after much debate

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, the organization that sets technical requirements for processing credit- and debit-cards, Wednesday issued revised security rules, while also indicating next year it will focus on new guidelines for end-to-end encryption, payment machines and virtualization.

Biometrics help US soldiers fight terrorism

A biometrics "jumpkit" is helping American soldiers in Iraq to identify dangerous persons by immediately comparing detainees' fingerprints against an Army database in the United States, using a satellite link for speedy analysis.

Intrusion-prevention systems still not used full-throttle

Network-based intrusion-prevention systems are in-line devices intended to detect and block a wide variety of attacks, but the equipment still is often used more like an intrusion-detection system to passively monitor traffic, new research shows.