Stories by Ellen Messmer

McAfee targets VMware server virtualization security

In a bid to make it attractive to deploy its security software in virtual machine environments, McAfee Monday disclosed a cut-rate pricing strategy for its server-based software products when used on VMware ESX servers.

Hackers deface Large Hadron Collider Web site

Hackers have broken into the network of the Swiss particle-physics laboratory operating the Large Hadron Collider experiment that has just begun smashing atoms in the hope of finding the theorized Higgs particle, an elementary particle of mass.

Data leaks a people problem, not a technical one

Data-leak prevention that lets organizations monitor for unauthorized transmission of sensitive content is a powerful technology sometimes put to surprising uses. And those with DLP experience say the biggest challenges lie with people and their online habits rather than technology.

New security rules on tap for credit-card handlers

Companies that handle credit cards can expect to see revised security rules released in early October, according to the group responsible for maintaining the Payment Card Industry security standard for storage and processing of credit and debit cards.

Best Western downplays data breach

Best Western International Monday acknowledged it suffered a data breach that exposed sensitive customer information at a European hotel, but strongly disputes claims that an attacker gained access to 8 million customer records with credit-card numbers. Best Western insists no more than a dozen customer records were compromised.

Torvalds: Fed up with the 'security circus'

Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel, says he's fed up with what he sees as a "security circus" surrounding software vulnerabilities and how they're hyped by security people.