Stories by Joel Snyder

SonicWall stands tall in SSL decryption testing

If one of the main advantages of a next-generation firewall is application and protocol identification and control, then SSL decryption is a basic requirement. We looked at the SSL decryption capabilities of the next-generation firewalls to see how well they would be able to discover applications, protocols, and URLs hidden within encrypted connections.

Cisco impresses with UCS

If you're tempted to think of <a href="">Cisco</a>'s Unified Computing System (UCS) as just another blade server — don't. In fact, if you just want a bunch of blades for your computer room, don't call Cisco — Dell, HP, and IBM all offer simpler and more cost-effective options.

Cisco UCS pricing: It's complicated

As with any <a href="">server</a> product, there are lots of ways to configure UCS, including different levels of CPU, memory and storage. <a href="">Cisco</a> has a 29-page document to help you get it right, and 29 pages are not overkill. To get an idea of what this might cost, we configured two separate systems: one with 40 dual-socket blades, and another with 80 of the same blades.

Cisco's NAC goes off track, customers taken aback

As the most important supplier of network infrastructure to enterprises, Cisco's NAC products are a natural point of curiosity for network managers. Unfortunately, though, Cisco's approach to NAC has been riddled with in-fighting, false starts, delayed product releases, and a good dose of chaos and confusion.

Internet radio appliances roundup

Web-based applications and products like Apple's iTunes have made it easy to turn a laptop or a desktop into a music player. At the same time, thousands of radio stations are re-broadcasting their audio over the Internet to anyone who wants to listen. But what if you want to listen to, say, modern jazz from Mali or pop from Paris without dragging around a laptop? Enter the Internet radio: an appliance that looks like a radio and has an antenna -- but connects over Wi-Fi to the Internet, and streams audio to speakers.

Five great Wi-Fi Internet Radios

While Web-based music offerings from Apple (iTunes) and others have made it easy to turn a laptop or desktop into a music player, what if you want to listen without dragging around your PC? Enter the stand-alone Internet radio, which looks like a radio and has an antenna, but connects via Wi-Fi to the Internet and streams audio to speakers. We recently tried out five such devices. Check the slides to see what we thought.

Interop Labs: Microsoft gets NAC act together

The world of network access control is being drawn, irresistibly, into Microsoft's orbit now that the Redmond giant's full repertoire of Network Access Protection client, server and policy components are out there in the real world.

SonicWall smashes speed records

Last month, SonicWall rolled out its next-generation unified threat management firewall appliance geared for the enterprise. In our exclusive test of the Network Security Appliance E7500, results show that SonicWall has, indeed, crashed through the speed barrier.