Stories by Joshua Gliddon

Feds promise $60m in rural funding

The federal government will undertake a competitive selection process for the provision of digital education, health and emergency services in region and rural Australia, starting immediately.

IBM opens purse strings with its own stimulus package

With governments around the world extending stimulus packages as a means of dealing with the global financial crisis, IBM Global Financing has decided to open its purse strings and deliver a financial stimulus package of its own.

ISPs need more oversight and regulation

The Internet service provider industry is a rats and mice business that needs greater regulation and oversight said Alastair MacGibbon, former director of trust and safety at eBay, and prior to that, the former director of the High Tech Crime Centre.

Cyber-warfare gets Defence priority

Information technology and cyber warfare will get a significant boost under recommendations contained in the federal government’s $300 billion Defence White Paper.

Feds kickstart rural broadband

The federal government has moved to fast track the development of the National Broadband Network in regional Australia.