Stories by John Fontana

Experts: Microsoft's online service push has holes

Microsoft's plunge into the hosting arena isn't sending shock waves through partners who welcome the visibility the move brings but say many corporate users will find the Exchange and SharePoint services fall short of the mark.

Microsoft sets key piece of identity puzzle

Microsoft Wednesday released a beta of its most important tool to date for helping developers build applications that can plug into the company's Identity Metasystem and provide what amounts to a re-usable identity service for securing network resources.

Microsoft SharePoint popularity comes with issues

Microsoft's SharePoint Server 2007 may be taking off in the enterprise, but the software doesn't come without holes, warts and a variety of other issues that need to be addressed in any corporate deployment.

Microsoft ships Hyper-V

Microsoft Thursday released its Hyper-V virtualization server, which has been nearly five year in the making and is a major play in the company's march toward services-based computing.

Sun upgrades Identity Manager software

Sun has released the next version of its provisioning software and deeply integrated it with role management tools as it continues to push policy-based identity management.

Antitrust regulators scrutinizing Windows 7, IE 8

Antitrust regulators are evaluating the forthcoming Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 as part of ongoing activities to ensure Microsoft is in compliance with the final judgment in two landmark antitrust cases that involved individual states and the U.S. government.

Will Ozzie era at Microsoft signal a revolution?

If Bill Gates leaving Microsoft is the end of an era, then Ray Ozzie's ascension is the beginning of a revolution designed to transform the company's business model as well as redefine corporate IT infrastructures and how end users access, share and interact with applications and data.

Windows group-management tools on tap

Group-management vendor Imanami this week unveiled GroupID 5, a tool for managing distribution and security for groups in Windows, and said the software would be released later this year. The company made the announcement at Microsoft's annual TechEd conference.