Stories by John Fontana

NetPro upgrades management tools

NetPro Tuesday upgraded a trio of its tools focusing on new features for Windows access management, auditing, logging and compliance, and support for non-Windows platforms.

Microsoft: It's all about software

Similar to its famous "developers, developers, developers" rant, Microsoft is chanting "software, software, software" as it lays the cornerstones of its unified communications platform.

Windows energy management tools get a boost

Power management vendor Verdiem has updated its Surveyor tools that help users regulate energy consumption by Windows-based PCs with features that solve "PC insomnia" and that automatically close open applications.

Microsoft advances management plans

It took no more than a few cases of miniature, toy flying pigs being handed out at Microsoft's annual management conference in April to dramatize how significantly the company's strategy for building a management platform has changed in the past five years.